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Leather industry

20 February 2018

Spunbond is a modern, 100% polypropylene non-woven material that is widely used in many industries except agriculture. Spanond has a wide range of advantages over other materials, namely:

• Diverse density and high strength;

• Resilience to aggressive environment;

• Good air permeability and heat resistance;

• High wear resistance of the material;

• Non-woven fabrics are absolutely non-toxic, so people with allergies can use products made of spunbond;

• The material can be washed and ironed if necessary;

The use of spanbond has been actively spreading with the development of medicine and institutions for the care of human hygiene. From this material, everything is made - ranging from disposable napkins to special medical clothes for workers and disposable bedding for patients, which is non-allergic, non-toxic and sterilized.

Today, almost every light, footwear, and furniture industry uses spunbond in its work. The footwear industry produces disposable footwear, without which a person no longer imagines himself. The furniture industry is developing furniture covers and coveralls for mattresses.

Spunbond for the leather haberdashery industry

Leatherworking industry - is engaged in the production of women's bags, leather backpacks, sports leather attributes, leather gloves. Material spunbond has a number of characteristics, its main task in the leather industry is the replacement of much worse quality fabrics for quality and durable.

Today, spunbond is used in leather industry thanks to the following features:

• Spunbond material strengthens stitches in things;

• Internal inserts are tightening (this usually applies to belts);

• Used in the manufacture of women's bags, backpacks when spunbond is used as a substrate;

• Manufacturing of packing for leather goods (bags for 100% of nonwovens);

• Spunbond is available in different colors, so if you tailor leather things, the spanband will be different.

• Nonwovens are non-allergenic.

The use of non-woven material for leather goods makes things stronger and more practical. The material is quite durable to mechanical damage, and therefore the seams or inserts will be less vulnerable to breakage or damage.

Buy leather haberdashery spunbond in Ukraine

Spanbond's popularity is growing every day. Buy leather goods spunbond can be found on our website www.spunbond.com.ua. When buying spanband, you need to be guided by several factors, such as density (from 15 to 130 grams per 1 m2) and the width of the material (the width can vary from 0.25 to 2.2 m) available in the range is different.

When buying spanbond, you can choose a color (which varies from light tones to dark ones). The spanband's most colored color is white.

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