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Areas of using spunbond

23 February 2018


Spunbond  is a modern non-woven material that is analogous to traditional fabrics. Due to its versatile qualities, it has been used in various industries and agriculture - from personal hygiene to cover material for growing crops.

Spunbond: warehouse

The main component of spanband is polymers of polypropylene, polyamide or polyethylene terephthalate. Often, polypropylene is used most often. Auxiliary substances are dyes and chemical glue (if the bonding method is used for forming the cloth). Positive quality spanbond is that when used it does not emit toxic substances into the environment.


Spunbond as a material, is characterized by the following properties:

• withstands heavy loads, wear-resistant;

• is well painted in the right color;

• resistant to high and low temperatures;

• Depending on the needs, both the skip and the moisture can be kept;

• produced in a density of 10 to 600 g / sq. m .;

• the width of the canvases is formed from 6 cm to 4 m or more;

• does not rot, do not drink, does not accumulate pathogenic microorganisms;

• holds heat;

• cheap in production.

Areas of application

Thanks to its properties, spunbond production in Ukraine is gaining momentum, and the material itself has found application in the following branches of the economy:

1. Spunbond in agriculture: used as a covering material for greenhouses and for a frameless soil cover that protects plants from adverse weather conditions, providing optimum temperature and normal humidity.

2. Spunbond in medicine: used for the production of disposable medical clothing (bathrobes, shoe covers, etc.), disposable linen, etc.

3. Spunbond is widely used for the production of sanitary napkins and diapers.

4. Textile industry: used for garment linings to provide and maintain its shape, strengthening stitches, as a heater of outerwear. Due to the increasing distribution, spunbond colors can be bought in Kiev and in other cities of Ukraine.

5. Footwear industry and haberdashery: as substrate for joints, a tray, a back, an insole, interposings of a basic material, a lining for a purse, bags and other leather goods.

6. Furniture industry: as a sheathing of frames and invisible furniture surfaces, a substrate under the covering material, spring blocks, a lining between the layers of the filler, preventing its slipping.

7. Production of packaging and covers for clothes, footwear, manufacture of footwear organizers.

Where to buy spanbond: Ukraine

From the very beginning of spanbond appearance, it could be purchased only abroad, but thanks to the efforts of VG Holding, it became available in Ukraine as well. The location of the head office that sells spunbond is in Kyiv.

The range of the company offers spunbond in rolls, which is suitable for the production of furniture and spring blocks, footwear, leather haberdashery, clothes, covers, bags, packaging, filters and personal protective equipment.

Depending on the needs, the width of the roll varies from 0.25 to 2.2 m, with a density of 10 to 160 g / m. sq. Spunbond is available for sale with the most common colors used in various industries.

What is the price for Spunbond? The urgency of prices should be specified by the manager, at the same time, our company confidently claims that they are the most democratic in Ukraine. To order a spanband, simply leave an application on the site with your contact information or directly call the head office number.

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