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Spunbond for furniture industry

22 February 2018


Spunbond for furniture

Spunbond is a modern non-woven material that has been widely used in various fields of industry and agriculture. Spunbond is made of light polymeric material, which, under the influence of temperature, forms fibers that are glued into a continuous web. One of spunband's applications is the furniture industry.

Furniture Spunbond: Application

Before buying a spunbond for furniture, it should be determined with its application. Modern furniture companies translate their technology into the use of spunbond, because it significantly reduces the cost of furniture production.

Spunbond is used in the furniture industry as follows:

• as a substrate between the outer rug and the inner filler;

• material for upholstery of furniture frame (back and bottom parts of sofas, chairs);

• as a frame material for mattresses;

• a substrate between the mattress filler layers, which prevents slipping and rolling of the material;

• covers for mattresses and pillows, other furniture;

• for the formation of the inner layer of frameless furniture (chairs, bags, etc.).

The prevalence of spunbond application

According to some studies in the post-Soviet states, the use of spunbond in the production cycle of furniture enterprises is about 96%. Enterprises that are part of the remaining 4%, or too conservative, to introduce modern technology, or too small, and therefore especially do not feel the need to replace more expensive fabric materials with inexpensive spunbond. This should include furniture manufacturing, which, by the nature of their products, does not require the use of spunbond, for example, manufacturers of leather furniture.

Useful properties of spunbond

The furniture spunbond has the following product qualities, which give it advantages over more expensive cotton fabrics:

• durable material that can withstand heavy load and is resistant to rubbing;

• heat-resistant: it can withstand temperatures from -55ºС to + 130ºС provided that the relevant impurities are introduced during production;

• Resistant to contamination and penetration of moisture;

• does not catch, durable;

• resistant to folding, holds well in the form of upholstered furniture;

• evenly distributes the load;

• Does not emit toxic substances into the environment;

• Cheaper in production than textile fabrics.

How to choose?

In order to properly buy a spunbond furniture, one should proceed from the purpose for which it will be used, the size of the furniture, mattresses or pillows, which parts of the furniture it will be used, etc.

The company "VG Holding" offers for sale spunbond rolls in width from 0,8 to 2,2 m, the density of the material is in the range of 15 to 130 g / m. sq. The range of colors is represented by the most popular ones used in the furniture industry, namely: white, black, brown, gray, blue, blue, beige, red, yellow and green.

Where is spanbond for furniture to buy?

VG Holding, a furniture spanbond supplier, has been running client oriented business in Ukraine for more than 10 years. For ease of ordering the product has developed a site in the form of a catalog in which it is easy to pick spanbond rolls of the required length, width, color and strength. You can make an application directly on the site http://www.spunbond.com.ua, leaving your contact information. If you are worried about the spunbond furniture price, our company offers a fairly competitive price for the product, especially given its high quality.

For more information on how to buy furniture spunbond, we suggest to click to the contacts section and contacting our managers

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