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Spunbond for the footwear production

22 February 2018

Spunbond for the footwear production

 Spunbond is a non-woven polymeric material, which is a cheaper substitute for natural fabrics and potentially can largely supplant these materials from the footwear industry. Spunbond cloth is made from polypropylene fiber, which are glued with needle-punching, special glue or under the influence of temperature in a solid web of different density.

What are the properties of spunbond for shoes?

Spunbond is characterized by the following qualities:

• Durable and wear-resistant fabric;

• It can withstand load, rubbing;

• Holds the shape and quickly restores it after deforming impact;

• Depending on the composition, it can be water permeable or water repellent;

• The possibility of combining impurities allows you to produce a material of different properties;

• Is well painted in the required color;

• Resistant to temperature, microorganisms, fungus;

• Does not emit toxic and toxic substances.

Spunbond fabric has a simple and cheap production technology, so it's popular among entrepreneurs who want to make their products cheaper. At the same time, it's worth noting the universality of the material, because depending on its density, the same spunbond can be used not only in the shoe but also in the textile and furniture industry.

Among the benefits of spunbond, it is easy to cut, glued, sewed and even welded under the influence of temperature, so its processing is not technologically complicated.

Spunbond does not accumulate moisture, does not overburden and is not exposed to microorganisms, which is especially important for providing hygiene. That is why the spunband is suitable for the production of disposable and medical footwear.

Spunbond  in the footwear industry

For shoes production, spunbond can be used in the following directions:

• lining between layers of the main material;

• production of insole;

• Lining for back, joints, a footboard;

• packing materials for shoes;

• manufacture of footwear organizers (convenient boxes, where shoes are stored);

• production of disposable footwear (bath sticks) and medical shoe covers.

Traditionally, footwear manufacturers use fabrics (cotton and knitted fabrics) or other non-woven materials (polyester) as intermediate linings, insoles, backing pads, joints and pads.

At the same time, spunbond is not inferior to the specified materials in its characteristics, and for some - even exceeds them. At the same time, the price of spunbond is much smaller. The same can be said about packaging material or shoes, which has a single use, since it does not require the use of expensive fabrics.

Where to buy spunbond for shoes?

The company "VG Holding", the first supplier of spanband in Ukraine and has been in business for more than 10 years, offers a directory for selling SpunBond on its website. In the range of spanband for shoes there are rolls in width of 1.6 m and length of 300 or 400 running meters. Spunbond density for shoes - 80, 90 and 100 g / m. sq. Black, white, blue, gray, red and beige material is available on request.

In the assortment of spunbond, which is suitable for the production of packaging and organizers for shoes, rolls of 1.06 and 1.6 m wide, with a density of 30, 80, 90 and 100 g / m are offered. sq. length of 300, 400 and 1000 running meters. The range of colors to choose from is the same. Regarding the actual prices, it is necessary to clarify from our manager, having left the application for the purchase of spanband or by direct calling to the contacts indicated on the site. The only thing you can be sure about - the material is not expensive and in any case cheaper than fabric cloths.

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