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About spunbond

26 April 2017

Spunbond is the name of a technology for the production of a non-woven fabric from a melt polymer by a spunbond method. Often in the professional environment, also the term "fleisilin furniture" refers to the material produced by the technology "spunbond."

The essence of the spinneret method is as follows: the polymer melt is released through spinnerets in the form of thin continuous filaments, which are then stretched in the air stream and, forming a moving conveyor, form a textile web. The threads on the formed web are subsequently fastened.

Due to its characteristics, this material has become indispensable in various industries. Spunbond is used as a cheap substitute for more expensive materials, in various industries. Advantages of spunbond are low density, high strength, resistance to aggressive media (acids, alkalis). Spunbond has good air permeability, heat resistance and wear resistance.

Depending on the characteristics of the material, spunbond is used in various industries such as:

Transfers of non-woven material:

Spunbond is distinguished by its low price, strength, environmental friendliness and durability
Spunbond can be welded, stitched, applied
Nonwoven spunbond products are non-toxic, do not cause allergies, they can be sterilized, washed

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